EkoKopa: A Glimpse Into NYSC

The National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) is an organisation set up by the Nigerian government to involve the country’s graduates in the development of the country.
Since 1973 graduates of universities and later Polytechnics have been required to take part in the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) program for one year. “Corp” members are posted to cities far from their city of origin. They are expected to mix with people of other tribes, social and family backgrounds, to learn the culture of the indigenes in the place they are posted to. There is an “Orientation” period of approximately three weeks spent in a camp away from family and friends. I got called up in February and I was to serve in Lagos. How I got Lagos? The hand of God and the leg of Man! I was excited about service, well, maybe the orientation camp. I got all I needed and headed for camp. Nothing was as I imagined (and Lagos was better than most camps). The first day was the longest! And the registration didn’t seem to end (It would have made a lot more sense if the registration got you a pass into heaven.) I was a bit paranoid at first, so I didn’t take my camera into camp. (I really wish I had a compact one at that point). After about a week, i got my camera in! I felt like i was carrying cocaine past the FBI, for some reason corps members were not allowed to have cameras in camp! (DSLR’s, that is).
Getting up at 4am was really annoying, but i got used to it after a couple of days. As much as I’d hate to admit it, I did enjoy camp. Met with really interesting people, took a lot away from the experience. This is the first of two posts, will put up the other soon. Enjoy!


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