So a couple of friends and I decided to start out this project we call Xplore9ja.
We’re highlighting important cultural and event places in Nigeria (well, starting with Lagos of course). At the surface, one may think there isn’t so much to see or Xplore in Lagos, well think again. The project has been really interesting and engaging (it also happens to be my excuse for not posting anything in a while icon wink Xplore9ja! don’t tell anyone I admitted to this but I’ve actually just been lazy).
I’ve been to places I didn’t even know existed, and even when I knew they did, I’d just never visited them. I’m sharing a few of these images (even though i’m not sure i’m supposed to do that just yet). A bit of it has been frustrating though, as there’s a lot of bureaucracy in this. We have to get a permit to enable us take pictures without having to hide (and verily I say unto thee, it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a camera to pass through some gates).
Still, there are places that have been super cooperative and this is usually a huge booster. Let’s Xplore9ja!

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