Let the #Throwbacks Begin

My last post was almost three years ago.

I’m not sure how to feel about this, but this was for a number of reasons.
Sometime in 2014, I left Nigeria to pursue another degree. Many students will tell you that school makes you forget what having free time feels like and this was the case with me.
While I found the experience really interesting, the real life applications of the degree itself are quite limited (and I knew this before I started it).
I made really interesting new friends, traveled to new countries and I grew out my afro a lot more.

I also took on the Product Management role at Form+ full-time and this meant even less time for myself and photography.
This is a different story for another day, perhaps. But this has also taught me a lot about starting a business, managing my time and trying to manage other people.

Two things I can say for sure are

  1. No one really warns you about how lonely ‘entrepreneurship’ really is (I cringe as I use that word, it’s the new fad apparently).
  2. Finding people who are truly passionate about what you do is going to be.. interesting

Not to say I didn’t shoot in the last 3 years, but I just didn’t get around to sharing anything here (or anywhere else- except for the occasional Instagram posts).
So for the foreseeable future, all my posts will be some kind of a throwback to things that have happened in the last three years.

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